About Us

Thomas Kenny is the proud creator of the Calf Barrow. The Calf Barrow is not a new invention,  He created it in 2013  and Thomas has been working  hard since to drive his invention. Thomas is the son of a Kilkenny dairy farmer who has always had ideas about making things easier around the farm. His Calf Barrow creation came about as a labour saving idea as lifting calves is hard work and is tough on your back, it can  also be dangerous and dirty! The Calf Barrow is designed it to allow easier transport of freshly born calves and small animals, as it allows the animal to be pulled from the ground straight into the barrow ready for transport. The addition of the blanking plate allows means that the barrow can also be used for transporting loose materials such as animal feed.

The Calf Barrow is a fully patent protected product.

Thomas Kenny founder of The Calf Barrow